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sanjeevani-2013-02Daniel and Gopi already work for many years together in Ayurveda-courses. Gopi gives every year longer trainings in India. Now the idea has appeared to extend these trainings and to offer them as a sort of Retreat, where Ayurveda is taught, and possibilities are created for the participant to come to him self, to withdraw, to carry out internal work and self-exploration or to experience an internal process of change. It should be an intensive employment with apprenticeships of Ayurveda and with our selfs. Besides, Gopi will provide the apprenticeship of the Ayurveda in theory and practise and Daniel will assist on the one hand in it and be available as a translater, and, on the other hand, mediate to the participants different, more contemporary possibilities of body work, mindfulness training and self exploration. Daniel will also provide the message of Nonduality, which is, beyond all methods and spiritual ways, a clear pointer to the wholeness and unity. Daniel and Gopi will also simply be there as friends and companions, to support the journey into the world of Ayurveda and the discovery of the wholeness you are.

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Target group

The Retreat is directed at people

  • working in the area of Health and Wellness, therapeutically / consulting
  • as well as to all interested people who are on the way to themselves.


The challenge

sanjeevani-2013-162This Retreat is a project, where to combine an education in the old traditional apprenticeship of Ayurveda and contemporary possibilities of mindfullness practices, body work, self-exploration and internal work etc.

The challenge could be to unite these both worlds. There will be contradictions and discrepancies, this can probably not seem to be avoided, but those who has an open mind and an open heart, will discover one universal living miracle which carries the true potential in itself beyond all contradictions.

Another challenge will be, that we will be in a group together for a whole month, learning together, meeting us, touching us, and also everybody will be for him self, at a distant place. And, India is simply different. This strengthens once more the whole. At the place there are not many distractions, but India means also, perhaps, external chaos and spontaneous unpredictable events. This is a possibility to turn us toward the silence in us, to turn us inwards and to learn, to ride on the waves which would carry away us usually easily, and we would miss the depth and silence of the ocean in ourselves.

These challenges carry in themselves unique possibilities to learn and to experience a traditional apprenticeship in his country of origin, and to discover at the same time the origin of our being, to discover the wholeness, to recognise the unity, the true nature of ourselves, to meet the waves of life with who we are and to listen to the silence in ourselves.



sanjeevani-2013-147_fsAyurveda – theory

Basic principles of Ayurveda
Constitutional typology
Ayurveda Type study
Food and lifestyle

Ayurveda – practise

Traditional Kerala Ayurveda full body massage
Tradtional Foot-Pressure-Massage (Pada Hatha)
Forehead downpour (Siro Dhara)
Herbal stamp, puddings

The practical education contains different treatments which the participants will experience on themselves, and therefore this can be also seen as an own cure. Every participant will practise all these treatments as well as receiving them.

Besides, the treatments can be seen as experiences which centrally can belong to the self-experience-process, to the internal way or to the discovery of the liveliness in you, to the discovery of “Sanjeevani“. Mindful touch has an incredibly great potential of transformation which you will discover in the course of this Retreats more and more.

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sanjeevani-2013-140Other contents and offers during the Retreats

  • Everyday yoga in the morning
  • Meditations, mindfulness exercises, body work, dance and movement
  • Different theoretical models for understanding the holistic approach, Mindfulness, the discovery of wholeness etc.
  • First steps in mindfulness-based massage
  • Touch as a transformation potential
  • Tandava – the dance of Shiva/Shakti – moving meditation
  • Self-exploration
  • The headless way of Douglas Harding – a possibility to discover your true nature
  • Talks and group integration
  • The message of Nonduality (Wholeness)

We reserve the right, of course, to stroke contents spontaneously during the Retreats or to complement. This should show a directive.

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All around


Attention! We are searching for a new place. The decription is not correct anymore.

The retreat will take place in a small ayurveda center, located at the seaside near Trivandrum. We have at disposal therefore a center, with rooms, treatment rooms, roofed eating area outside and a seminar room, in which the main part of the Retreat will take place. The centre lies at the small street which leads to the sea. With abaout 5 min. walking you can reach the beach. Everything is held rather easy and uncomplicated, hence, we ask every participant to fancy himself not a luxury suite and a fully equipped seminar house, but more a familiar, simple, more spartanic staying together, in a small center and the close surroundings which one can fancy rather than village-rural surroundings. There are simple but clean double rooms with shower and toilet. We ask the participants to share a room. Single rooms will not be available.

indien54_fsA cook will be available who will cook for us mild South-Indian kitchen.






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The Location



The Retreat is temporarily suspended.


Attention! We are searching for a new place.


—– €
Early-Booking Price
(lodging and catering included, the flight to India is not included and must be organised by the participant)

Of course you are fetched with arrival at the airport in Trivandrum.