Sanjeevani Retreat
ayurvedic course in India


An extraordinary ayurvedic education in India
The Retreat is temporarily suspended.


This is a unique Retreat and a special ayurvedic course in India.

Be with us, and be cocreator of the Sanjeevani Retreat in India! Together we go on the search for “Sanjeevani”, the immortal, the timeless life in ourselves, the true miracle, the open secret which is available now in us.

sanjeevani-2013-177This Retreat connects teachings of an ancient tradition, with new contemporary possibilities of selfexploration, mindfulness based practises, body and energy experience and being in silence.

In search of deep fulfilment and freedom, we walk on many ways to internal peace and health. A wave of longing seems to overcome us if we look in the eyes of the suffering which meets us more and more . Just now this wave of longing for fulfilment, seems to carry us away stronger than ever before. Some dive down and are rinsed to the beach solidified by the force of the wave and resigned, others have learnt to ride the waves, to let them carry from the wave, to enjoy the waves for to be rinsed softly and consciously to the coast.

Already since thousends of years a practise of riding the waves is carried out and taught which is delivered to us as spiritual teachings from India and the teachings of Ayurveda. Today we become more and more aware of the value and the power of these old teachings. The old wise ones gave us tools to ride on the waves of life, to dive in the depths of the ocean and to recover from the falls and blows.

indien38In spite of the miraculous wisdom from the old traditions and the complex apprenticeships which should lead us to joy and fulfilment, the fact remains, that the study of the science alone, is only a scratching on the surface of the mystery.

The teachings are crutches which provide though assistance, to us, however, they do not give us the experience of freedom of the real independence from crutches. We must discover, actually, our own fulfilment and freedom, find out directly the liveliness of life it self which is always available to us to let us dive into the depths of the ocean, and to really ride on the waves. For this we also need the courage to let go all teachings in favour of a new experience, to really understand the old wise ones out of our own experience and to integrate the knowledge.

This Retreat should offer a possibility to dive into the depths of the ocean and to learn at the same time the knowledge and the practise of Ayurveda. A Retreat with two ways. A way of knowledge and a way of experience. Your true potential can be awakend out of the discovery and experience of the wholeness you are, out of the discovery of “Sanjeevani“, the timeless life, expressing it self in the everyday life or in your professional work with others.


After many years of cooperation of two friends (Daniel and Gopi), the idea is born to summarise the knowledge and the experience of the old natural science of Ayurveda as well as its practise and an internal process in discovering the living miracle in you, into one Retreat.


gopakumar-gopi-ayurveda-keralaDr. G. Gopakumar (Gopi) will provide his knowledge and his decades of experience as an ayurvedic doctor and spiritual healer. He will teach you theory and practise of this ancient healing system to be able to carry out Ayurveda for you personally or also professionally.




daniel-stoetter-nondualitaetDaniel Stötter will accompany you into the timeless miracle of your essence, with the help of his experiences in selfexploration, mindfulness based practises, presence, touch and body perception, intuitive body work and energy work, being in silence and pointers to nondualiy (wholeness).




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