There is a longing in us, a strivings for fulfilment, for peace, for love or oneness, in the end, for liberation. This seeking expresses itself in many different ways. It is the search for wholeness.


sanjeevani-2013-176May it be the search for a dream partner, a dream job, a nice experience, a dear meeting, the search for independence or for simply rest, the search for satisfaction or security, for power and money, for to be seen, to be loved, to be recognised, to be free, wealth and fullness, or to be simply yourself as you are, it always seems to be this one longing which moves us and determines us, the longing for that what is apparently still absent there, what is now not enough, the longing, finally, to be free, finally, to be fulfilled, to be whole and entire, the longing after wholeness.

In the same breath, one could also say, it is the longing for non-existence, for dissolving, for freedom from all human, personal or material things, from the dependence, the longing for the absence of separation, for the absence of the real cause of separation, for the absence of me as a separate person in an overpowering world separate from me, to which I am completely delivered.

In a wonderful experience, I am completely dissolved, in that, I have disappeared, until the reality of the apparently hard life throws me again in the separation and I am there again, as a separate person, separated from others and from the world there outside.

Besides, one could state, that all our objects of the longing, absolutely hold us back from the fulfilment in the present. They seem never to satisfy us really. After the fulfilment of a longing, the next comes immediately, and the next object of the longing, will also not be enough. The true miracle remains always concealed to us. The present moment is simply not enough. It would be simple to say now such a saying as: live in the present, be present, forget the future and past! Unfortunately, such a request has never really helped us. Apparently strong forces seem to counteract with true fulfilment.


Actually, we cannot see the wholeness which we are, before nothing but separation. We do not see the wood before nothing but trees.

We have learnt to count, to name the trees, to describe, even to influence the trees or to maintain them. We have lost ourselves in the world of trees and search anyhow always the wood. We have never also learnt to keep an eye on the wood. Yes we have even learnt to forget the wood, to fade it out, not to see it any more.


This is also quite easy of course, because the wood is not a separate thing, it is the totality. Everywhere where we look, we see the wood, although we see only trees, we see separation. The wood is simply not found, because he is already everywhere. As well as we also search the ocean and see only waves. Everywhere where we see waves, we already see the ocean.

However, we have lost ourselves in the wave looking, we have lost ourselves in the separation. This being lost, in the trees or waves, seems to be so mighty, that we are not able to direct our view and experience upon this, what wholeness is and what is, in the end, the fulfilment which we search. All these forces, convictions, konditionings, beliefs which hold us back from wholeness are really enbodied in us, so to speak. They are anchored at all our human levels. Hence, they simply do not let us free. They are not only mental in nature, they sit emotionally and physically deeply in us and determine apparently our life.


In an experience of beingness, of pure presence, of liveliness, of silence or however this experience may appear, there is the possibility to discover the wholeness which you are, to see the wood, to see the ocean. This conciouss experience of being, creates the field and the condition for recognising your true fulfilment, for realising the wholeness you are.

This is the discovery of Sanjeevani, the timeless life which you are, the discovery of your immortality, as the wholeness, as oneness, as the totality itself.


In seeing the totality, the wholeness you are, also all forces which separate us apparently from the wholeness are not different from the wholness. They are also trees, they are also waves, but not different and seperate from the wood or ocean. In this, separation is just wholeness, just oneness, just fulfilment and love.

This is Mrita Sanjeevani Vidya, the knowledge about the timeless life, the knowledge about your own immortality. This is Maha Mrityunjaya, the heart of the Vedas. This is Moksha, the liberation, dying into the wholeness you are.