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Gopi and Daniel are long-standing friends and are realizing a common project in India. Here you can get a picture of us.


gopakumar-gopi-ayurveda-keralaDr. G. Gopakumar (Gopi)

Gopi lives in Trivandrum in Kerala, South-India with his family and pursues on the coast a little more to the south from Trivandrum a small Ayurveda centre. He is traveling already for many years annually for half a year to Europe to practise Ayurveda and to give trainings. For some years he leads the Ayurveda department in the “Thermenhotel Paierl” in Bad Waltersdorf in Austria. As the first Ayurveda doctor from India he received the trading licence in Austria for to be able to practise Ayurveda. By his long-standing experience with people from the west in trainings and treatments, he developed a good feel for Westerners and has insight in the western life-style what his job with people from the west considerably makes easier. He is an Ayurveda doctor and has specialised primarily and deepened his experiences in the area of Massage, touch and spiritual healing. Together with Daniel he teaches already for many years in the Yoni-Academy Innsbruck the basic principles of Ayurveda and Ayurvedamassage. In his centre in India he also gives longer trainings for Ayurveda therapist.

Dr. Gopakumar has acquired his ability BAMS (bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in 1990 in the Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda college in Trissur, Kerala. In 1991 he entered as a leader and co-ordinator for Panchakarma and massage treatments in the Shanti Nursing Home – to a respectable Panchakarma centre in the district of Quilon. During his five-year-long stay in abovementioned institution he guided studies about the effect of touch on body, mind and soul. He founded in 1995 the Sanjeevani Panchakarma and Spiritual Healing Centre in Chowara, Kerala, South-India.

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daniel-stoetter-nondualitaetDaniel Stötter

Daniel lives in South Tirol with his girlfriend and three children. There he also pursues his independent activity in the area intuitive energy and body work, mindfulness-based massage and talks. He also gives his own seminars about energy work, Ilahinoor and talks about wholeness, separation and nonduality. He teaches mindfulness-based massage in the Yoni-Academy in Innsbruck and in South Tirol and at different other schools and continuing education institutes. His activities as an instructor also enclosed healing touch, relaxation methods, body exercises, self-exploration and Mindfulness Training. As a long-standing friend of Dr. Gopakumar, he stands him always aside as a translated and assistant in Ayurveda trainings.

Daniel had already very early a notion of a mystery which has to be discovered, and must lie beyond our habitual view of life. When he was 19 years old, something happened what one can call the first, deliberate and radical awakening which revealed the evident mystery of life. Since that Daniel went on the search for a language which can express anyhow this nevertheless obviously indescribable mystery. His search brought him to different methods of body work, energy work and self-inquiry which founded primarily on the base of mindfulness. Of course he dealt long with spiritual ways and philosophy, however, he found the only clear message of the mystery in that what became known as the „message of nonduality“. Finally, there was no real success with the search for a possibility to mediate the mystery, but it happened a clear seeing of the impossibility and irrelevance to do this. Then, in the timelessness, the end of time happens, and with it also the end of the person, and the end of the search. Now more and more often talks are happening, about what Daniel calls sometimes simply “talks about wholeness, separation and nonduality“.

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